In Aran School we have courses for all ages and levels, in which our students develop the skills necessary to complete a holistic learning of the English language:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Use of English (grammar and vocabulary)

This comprehensive approach is complemented by a personalized education, taught by qualified, experienced teachers. In addition, we rely on new technologies as learning tools essential in today's world.

All our students take an English test prior to finding the course and the group that best suits their level and goals.

Our teaching conforms to the standards of the University of Cambridge, which is the main language certification institution in Europe, with official qualifications recognized worldwide. Currently, the official Cambridge exams are accepted as demonstration of English ability by companies and universities, with the First Certificate of English being the most in demand in Spain.

English Levels and Official Equivalents

Proficiency C2 CPE Passing the CPE demonstrates an understanding of almost all of what you read and hear as well as a smooth and accurate expression on complex issues.
More information
Advanced C1 CAE CAE is an official examination recognized in many English-speaking countries as proof of a sufficient level to access higher education courses. It is also a valid test for many companies. More information
Upper Intermediate B2 FCE FCE is the most sought official examination by Spanish companies, as proof of a medium-high mastery of the English language. More information
Intermediate B1 PET PET is an official examination especially recommended for those who want to enter university in Spain, as in order to go to college it is necessary to demonstrate a B1 level in English. More information
Basic A2 KET
KET is an official examination especially recommended for children and adolescents. More information
Beginners A1 Movers

* Council of Europe: is the official agency of the European Union which established a Common Frame of Reference for European languages, including English, by setting a number of levels applicable to all EU countries.

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Business Services

Aran School
offers specialised services for businesses. Amongst others, our services are:

  • Business Training: English for executives, English for exports, English for engineers, Business English, Onsite training.
  • Translation: professional results with accurate translation of documents, legal texts, manuals, etc.