Courses for children and teens

We teach English courses for children and teenagers at the following levels approved by the University of Cambridge, with their equivalent European Language Levels as established by the EU:

3+ Early Childhood Education Pre-Starters
7-8 2nd Class Starters A1
8-10 3rd and 4th Class Movers A1
10-12 5th and 6th Class Elementary KET
KET / Flyers
12+ Secondary School PET B1
Secondary School FCE B2

For more information on the European Language Levels see

Our classes are interactive with a focus on communication in a real environment. Through play and the use of modern technology we motivate our students and facilitate their leaning.

The teaching methods used for our younger students are based on learning through games in an informal manner. Thus they learn while playing and having fun.

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Business Services

Aran School
offers specialised services for businesses. Amongst others, our services are:

  • Business Training: English for executives, English for exports, English for engineers, Business English, Onsite training.
  • Translation: professional results with accurate translation of documents, legal texts, manuals, etc.